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The Perfect Christmas Gift

As the end of Christmas shopping season draws near, I have wondered to myself how many people like me have gifts yet to buy. Is it because you are procrastinating, waiting for the Christmas Eve specials or really struggling to find that perfect gift for a special person in your life?

If the reason is the latter and if that special person has lost someone near and dear to them, may I offer an idea of a gift that doesn't need to cost much, but may be more valuable than all the rest of the gifts under the Christmas tree combined. I would suggest taking time out of the hussle and bussle of the season and remember their special loved one. I suggest taking time to honor the legacy left behind and remind them that their angel in heaven will not be forgotten

For me, some of the greatest gifts I can receive are stories about my angel Jane before she went to heaven. It is amazing how it warms my heart to hear someone say her name out loud to me, and when it's combined with a story I haven't heard before or an example of how she has influenced someone's life on this earth, I am doubly proud. Or, when someone photographs a sunrise or a sunset and credits Jane for its beauty, my heart pauses, my blood is warm and I smile from the inside out.

It doesn't need to be expensive, or glitzy or from a store to be the perfect gift. But, then again, it may. I bought a gift on Groupon for a favorite friend of mine, a gift on Amazon for my daughters and a gift from the heart for my mother. I am so excited for Christmas morning when I can watch them open up the gifts I picked. Because to me, whatever the gift, if it comes from the heart and embraces the true meaning of the season, it's going to be the perfect gift.

Happy Holidays to all my friends and family. May the rest of 2012 be filled with an abundance of love and blessings for you and your loved ones.

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