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Princess Warrior 5K: Year 10

By: Shania Holst

10th annual 5K:

10 years. It has been 10 years since this legacy has started that Jane created. Each year, this event brings more and more people to the community to help raise money and bring joy to people's faces. The amount of energy and passion that goes into this event is nothing like I have ever seen before. Some might think, “it's just a 5k, what could be so special?” Well, if you have ever thought that then you need to come experience it. The moment you walk into that park, your face will be filled with smiles. The community and surrounding communities come together for this event all because of one little girl who had a dream. There are crowns, tutus, bubbles, and more orange than you can imagine.

The Shirt:

I have been chosen as the designer of the 10th annual 5K shirt. I do not see myself as a very creative person, but when I have the passion for something it becomes clear. When designing this year's shirt, I knew it had to be something special for the 10th year. Like I said earlier, I am not at all creative. When I saw the post on Facebook that had designs from previous years, I knew I had to try to incorporate those into one.

My favorite shirt from this event is one of the first ones that said “Be positive keeping faith”. I knew this had to be a part of my shirt for sure. Then there is a crown and ribbon. These two things also have come from previous shirts and are something that I feel express the meaning of this event. I think having this shirt be bits and pieces from past years represents how important this event is to not only me, but the whole community.

The words I chose to be a part of the ribbon were words that I think of when thinking of Princess Warrior. I used fun, 5k, legacy, music, bubbles, kit kat, Jane, princess and hope. The word bubbles comes to mind because while participating in this event there are bubbles blowing through the sky. I used the word kit kat because those were Jane's favorite candy and they are handed out throughout the 5k.

This event has always been a highlight each year because it is even fun for me, someone who doesn't enjoy running. When participating in this 5k you do not even realize that you are walking, running, rolling, strolling, or crawling because they make it fun. There is music playing, bubbles blowing, candy being handed out and so much more. Jane has created a legacy that will never be forgotten.

My Why:

I have had several people in my family fight the cancer battle. With cancer being something that hits close to home, being able to do something about it and help raise awareness and money is something that I will forever be passionate about. The PW 5K has taught me to embrace life and enjoy the time you get with everyone in your life. It has taught me to keep going in life and continue to do the things you enjoy doing.

I have been participating in the PW 5k for about seven years now. I never knew Jane personally, but I still remember the day that my mom told me the news of her passing. I followed along with her journey on facebook and through her Uncle Ivan. Ivan has always been a good family friend of ours and he is the reason, along with Jane, that this 5K is a tradition for our family.

In Sept. of 2015, I was crowned Miss Nimrod and this made going to the 5k even more exciting and personal for me. Ever since that year, I have worn my crown and sash with pride while participating in this 5k. Seeing the PW’s courageous Cancer kids each year and watching their faces light up when seeing all the princesses, bubbles, and tutus makes everything worth it for me.

About the Author:

Hi! My name is Shania Holst. I am originally from Staples and am currently living in Motley. I am a first year teacher in Pillager this year where I will be teaching 1st graders! This summer, I got engaged to my fiancé Kyle and will be getting married in 2023! I have been going to the Princess Warrior 5k for six years now and am super excited to have designed the shirt for this special 10th annual event! I am so glad to be a part of such a special event and look forward to seeing everyone wearing my design!


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