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The Jane Chair

By: Lori Grendahl

Witnessing family, friends, and an entire community help a mother keep the most important promise to her child, that of an enduring legacy that will not be forgotten, has been both humbling and heartwarming. Jane’s legacy keeps hope perpetually in the fore front during difficult times. Jane’s 5K run has been a connection for many to know that they are remembered.

While visiting Duluth an obscure brown wooden folding chair caught my eye in an antique store. We knew what to do with it. An artist painted Jane’s name on it with a butterfly fluttering above. It stayed in the corner of our classroom to represent Jane’s memory. The students would sometimes sit in the chair to be close to her, to “spend time” with her. When Jane’s class moved through the grades, the chair has followed them on their journey. The chair has been used during confirmation, prom, and next year, graduation to remember Jane.

Jane is in our hearts and minds. Her dream reminds us to be fun, quirky, not too serious, creative, and to love ourselves. This chair will always remind us of a little girl whose will is not to be forgotten.

Lori Grendahl is an incredible wife of 25 years and a mother of two adult children. Her passion is teaching sixth grade for last 19 years and first and third grades for a combined total of seven years. She loves to read well, run slow, bow hunt quietly, kayak fiercely, and eagerly go to the movies.


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